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Hay House Radio weekly show previews are only available for a limited time. Become a member of the Hay House Wisdom Community™ and enjoy unlimited access to the entire library of commercial-free Hay House Radio archives which began in 2004. Click here to learn more.
You Can Heal Your Heart
David Kessler
April 18, 2014 Moving Forward and Moving On
Join David Kessler as he helps you move forward out of an old relationship and into a new one. Learn how to honor your past and look ahead to a happy and healthy new relationship. Call in and share your story with David and get some expert advice on todays show.

Live From The Sweet Spot
April 17, 2014 Secrets of Meditation - Mending a Broken Heart
Has your heart been wounded by the loss of something? Are you in a tender space? This week, davidji  guides you into the ancient teachings of healing your broken heart. This show includes a live powerful, guided meditation that will connect you more deeply to your most divine Self.

Shift Happens
Robert Holden, PH.D.
April 17, 2014 Shift Happens
There are no shortages, only a lack of willingness to receive. Join Robert Holden for his Receiving Meditation and for another round of conversations for your soul.

Michael Neill
April 17, 2014 It Must Be Love
Pop quiz: Is love a feeling, an activity, or something else entirely? Join Michael for this fun and revealing exploration of the power of love to light up our lives!

The Heart of the Matter
Dr. Darren R. Weissman
April 17, 2014 Memories . . . Like the Corners of Our Minds
Misty water colored memories, of the way we were. Join Dr. Darren and Dr. Howard Weissman as they take you into the Heart of the Matter of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and beyond. This will be a very memorable show!

Intuitive Health
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.
April 17, 2014 Candle in The Wind
Join Dr Mona Lisa as she teaches you the Mind-Body and medical Intuitive solutions to repetitive health crises.

The Answer Is You
Michael Bernard Beckwith
April 17, 2014 The Answers Lie Within
Join spiritual teacher and author Michael Bernard Beckwith for The Answer is You. Michael shares his philosophy and gives listeners the opportunity to ask themselves some big questions. Discover how to deal with life's challenges without fear and to move forward to reach your heart's desire. Michael will be taking your calls, so make plans to join the show!

Spirit Junkie
Gabrielle Bernstein
April 17, 2014 Astro Style!
On today's show, Gabrielle will interview Ophira Edut and her identical twin sister Tali, also known as The AstroTwins, are astrologers to millions every month. They are the authors of Love Zodiac, Shoestrology and the forthcoming Momstrology, which will be published this April.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
April 17, 2014 What Every Woman needs to Know about Breast Health
Okay-- it's not October- but I can't wait to share with you everything I know about how to keep your breasts safe, healthy, and beautiful. Starting now. Today we'll cover breast screening of all kinds, including dreams!! And what supplements you absolutely must have for healthy breasts. Dr. Northrup will also share with you a most pleasurable breast massage technique that will leave you smiling ear to ear.

The Deborah King Show
Deborah King
April 17, 2014 Easter: A Celebration of Rebirth
The Easter holiday is older than you might think. There are many resurrection stories from ancient cultures, but ultimately, Easter is a celebration of rebirth and the spring season. Energy healer and New York Times bestselling author Deborah King, talks about the origins and customs of Easter and why rebirth and renewal are so important.

Magical Things
Radleigh Valentine
April 17, 2014 Embracing Your Own Success
Everyday contributes to your success, you just may not always see it. But what if you began each day with the words "Congratulations on everything you'll accomplish today!” Radleigh is talking about The World card on Magical Things as well as taking your calls for readings. Let’s find YOUR success!

Get Real
Alan Cohen
April 17, 2014 Passion, Creativity & Aliveness Guest: Karen Drucker
Listen to Alan's interview with wildly popular musician/songwriter Karen Drucker, who renounced a steady job to create her own unique niche in the world of inspirational music. This intimate conversation will inspire you to follow your own true path, trusting that the Universe is happy to empower and support you to express your unique gifts.

Angel Therapy™ with Dr. Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue
April 17, 2014 Angel Therapy: April 16, 2014
Join Doreen Virtue as she discusses how the angels and archangels can help you to have a healthier and happier life.

The Tapping Solution
Jessica Ortner
April 16, 2014 Freedom From Self-sabatoge
Call in if you find yourself sabotaging your own good intentions. Whether you find yourself emotionally eating to sabotage a health goal or shying away from the opportunity you’ve been asking for, you can break the pattern with tapping. Call Jessica Ortner with your questions about how tapping can help you today!

Power Peek Hour
Mark Husson
April 16, 2014 The Lunar Eclipse Show
Seems like forever since we’ve had a power event with the Sun and Moon! This one will be no exception and it happens RIGHT NOW. The events in space read like an action novel! Join Mark Husson in dissect it together!

Messages From Margaret
Gerry Gavin
April 16, 2014 Going Back to The Way
In the book "Messages from Margaret" one of the things that Margaret suggests to help us to live a more empowered and balanced life is to return to the ways of the origial peoples. Today we speak to documentary film maker Nick Polizzi, whose current role as Producer of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world. Nick will share what he has learned in his experieces of traveling throughout the world to meet indigenous healers and how we can help spread the word

Your Hidden Symmetry
Jean Haner
April 16, 2014 Why Can't I Lose This Weight?!
We all need to love our bodies as they are right now. Yet there are times when you also know you'd feel more comfortable if you lost some weight. If you've been trying but having no success, the patterns in your birth date may reveal the secret code to your weight loss success! Call in for a reading with Jean!

Being Aware
Lisa Garr
April 16, 2014 Heed Your Call
You want to start a new venture but you’re afraid you’ll have to give up something – you’re fighting the feeling it has to be ‘either or’. Today, Lisa's interview with David Howitt will dispel that idea as he talks about his new book Heed Your Call: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality and Business.

Soul Coaching
Denise Linn
April 16, 2014 Ultimate Clearing: Increase Abundance!
Clutter Clearing has the amazing ability to transform every area of your life. Increase prosperity your life simply by clearing inner and outer your "stuff".

Talking to Spirit
James Van Praagh
April 16, 2014 Life in the Spirit World
James will share with you what his guides have also discussed regarding the higher realms and all the activities which take place in the worlds beyond. In order to prepare yourself to experience this show, be ready to open up your mind and soul to things you might never have thought possible. He will also close out the hour with taking your phone calls.

Coach On Call
Cheryl Richardson
April 16, 2014 Land That Great Job
Join Cheryl as she helps some job seekers find the perfect career. What are the key job search skills that will land you a great new position? What's the best way to talk about your accomplishments during a job interview? How do you deal with money problems in a new marriage? When is it time to put a business aside to find a new job? All this and more on today's show!

I Can Do It Hour
Diane Ray
April 15, 2014 Percolate with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Is there a voice inside of you that's urging you to make changes and seek a richer, more fulfilling life? Let Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino help you wake up to what's possible. Elizabeth talks with Diane Ray about her new book Percolate and guides us through her Percolate process, a nine-point plan that teaches you how to implement positive change.

Spirit Connections with John Holland
John Holland
April 15, 2014 Unlocking the Medium Within
Join John this week and his special guest: Australian Psychic Medium Kerrie Wearing. They will be talking about her new book, A New Kind of Normal - Unlock the Medium Within, her work as a medium, and will be taking your calls and doing readings. This will be a great show!

The Body Ecology Hour
Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP
April 15, 2014 Belly Fat Effect
Mike Mutzel joins Donna to reveal the secret of how diet, intestinal health, and gut bacteria help you burn fat.

Living Your Quantum Success
Sandra Anne Taylor
April 15, 2014 The Thought’s the Thing!
Conscious creates reality and your thoughts are a big part of what creates your consciousness. Join Sandra to learn about the power of thought—and what you can do to generate a great mental projection today.

Spotlight HayHouse UK
UK Hay House
April 15, 2014 Mind Calm
Mind Calm is Sandy’s no.1 best-selling Hay House book. Listen in to get an introduction to his enjoyable and effective modern-day meditation technique that gives you ‘peace with mind’ and call in to receive guidance on how to get the best from your meditation practice.

The Terri Cole Show
Terri Cole
April 15, 2014 The Healing Power of Meditation
Do you find meditation confusing? If you have a hard time sitting still can you still meditate? Today, Terri and special guest yoga/meditation teacher and registered Marriage + Family Therapist Intern, Ashley Tuner, will help you understand how to meditatie and why it will change your life. Plus you’ll learn how to help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fear, overcome difficult emotions and create more a more joyful, vibrant life. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions.

I Can See Clearly Now
Dr. Wayne W Dyer
April 15, 2014 Get in Touch With Your Higher Self
Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses getting in touch with your highest Self where your thoughts, dreams, and desires originate. Dr. Dyer talks about the book The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner and how it has been a big influence. How do you know if you are being guided by Source? The best way to know is when self-less love fills your heart and you look to express it by a compelling need to help others. You look to express Perfect Love. Join Dr. Wayne Dyer at the Writing From Your Soul, weekend workshop for writers in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl May 3-4, 2014. Tickets are going fast!

Acts of Kindness:The Hay Foundation Hour
Shelley Anderson
April 10, 2014 People Helping People
People Helping People (PHP) is dedicated to improving the lives of men, women and children in the Santa Ynez Valley of California by addressing emergency and basic needs and furnishing comprehensive integrated family and individual support services. Dean Palius, CEO from PHP joins Shelley for the hour to discuss why giving back to the community is good for your health!

Self Healing
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
April 10, 2014 An Innovative and Integrative Approach to Cancer Care
Have your or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Winning the battle against cancer is an ongoing journey and it’s always a good idea to know your options. On this show, I will take you inside Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. (CTCA) a national network of hospitals offering a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to cancer treatment. You will learn how combining natural medicine and alternative therapies with more traditional cancer treatments may benefit your entire being I will also share some personal stories on how cancer has impacted the lives of my loved ones.

Hay House Masters Workshop
Hay House - Masters Workshop
April 10, 2014 Miracles Now with Gabrielle Bernstein
This talk was excerpted from a live lecture Gabrielle gave at the I Can Do It conference in Toronto on March 16th, 2014. Gabrielle shares simple shifts in thinking and actions that can lead to miracles in all aspects of your life. Gabrielle combines Kundalini yoga meditations with the principles of A Course in Miracles for a fun talk with practical applications and useful take home tools. This program has been edited for time.

Directing Your Destiny
Jennifer Grace
April 9, 2014 Parenting With Results
Join Jennifer Grace and Liz Becker, NLP Master Practitioner, Communication Skills Trainer, Speaker and founder of the Parenting with Results workshop. As a parent, If you are experiencing feeling frustrated, losing your cool or hearing more ‘no’ than ‘yes’ from your child…this show is for you! Discover a new world of parenting and the true magic behind effective communication.

Caroline Myss
April 3, 2014 Intuitive Readings
Today Caroline devotes the entire program to personal intuitive readings!

Bright New Voices: The Balboa Press Hour
Bright New Voices
April 2, 2014 Health, Determination and Happiness
Join HayHouseRadio.com and Balboa Press for Bright, New, Voices: The Balboa Press Hour. Today’s show features Richard Tscherne and The Little Engine That Did It, a touching memoir of growing up with cerebral palsy and uniting the worlds of the able bodied and the disabled. Dr. Amneris Mulabecirovic and Astral Erotica, a personal collection of poetry that serves as a reminder of the hidden treasure that we all have hidden within. Richard Penner shares a personal collection of letters and conversation with his nephew in Dear Rob. Certified Holistic Health Coach Pirkko Tavaila and Eight Steps To Me assists the reader in finding balance between body, mind, and spirit to live life to the fullest. Suzanne Rivard and Things I Wish My Mother Taught Me reveals 15 action steps and strategies to uncover your happiness. Elizabeth Kingston gives us a beautiful love story that transcends time and space with There is Only One: A Spiritual Love Story

Head Up
Rajiv Juneja, M.D.
March 13, 2014 Dr Raj's Top 10 Must Knows
Join Dr. Raj for the finale of his show Head Up With Dr. Raj where he will share his top 10 Must Knows for 2014.

The Turning Point
Gregg Braden
February 18, 2014 Transformation: What Does A Better World Really Look Like?
While there's a general agreement that a new, sustainable, green and equitible world is possible, there's a lack of consensus when it comes to what such a world actually looks like. Join Gregg, for the last program in this series as he shares the three scenarios of global and personal transformation that are possible, which scenario is most likely, and the compelling input from global think tanks and and the first multicultural global survey that answers the question "What does a better world mean, and where do we begin?"

The Meditation Room
The Meditation Room
February 11, 2014 Meditation to Cultivate Loving Kindness with davidji and Be Your Potential with Joseph Clough
Join us for two powerful meditation exercises in The Meditation Room. Hay House author, meditation teacher, and radio show host davidji leads you in an exercise to cultivate loving kindness (metta) towards a person you are having difficulty with. Joseph Clough, a master hypnotist, life coach, and author of Be Your Potential will guide you in an exercise designed to help you reach your highest potential and create the life you deserve.

Soul Recovery
Ester Nicholson
January 10, 2014 The Mastermind Group of Soul Recovery
Join Ester as she goes deep with three international teachers and authors, Suzi Lula (Motherhood Expert); Cynthia James (Best selling author, Minister and Spiritual Counselor) and Katherine Woodward Thomas, best selling author of Calling In The One teacher and therapist.

You Can Heal Your Life
Hay House - YCHYL Hour
December 4, 2013 Things to Be Grateful For
Thanks for joining us for You Can Heal Your Life! This months episode features author, poet, and mystic Andrew Harvey discussing his new book Light the Flame: 365 Days of Prayer, Bill Gladstone author and founder of Waterside Productions shares his new sci/fi release The Power of Twelve. Bill is also a leterary agent who has worked with some of the best in the biz and he talks about the challenges of book publishing today and what publishing companies are looking for. Notes From The Universe author Mike Dooley is teaching a fascinating online course with Hay House called Playing the Matrix and he reveals some tips to help manifest what you really want in life. Check out Mike's online course by clicking here. Health and Nutrition expert Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D reveals some tips on how to stay slim over the holidays. With Thanksgiving upon us meditation teacher and Hay House author davidji gives us a Thanksgiving Gratitude meditation exercise.

Hay House Book Club
Hay House - Book Club
November 12, 2013 Second Firsts with Christina Rasmussen
As a therapist and a crises counselor Christina Rasmussen thought she understood the grief process. It wasn't until she lost her husband to cancer and became a widow in her early 30's that she truly understood the sorrow and pain that accompany loss. Christina talks with the Book Club about her book Second Firsts, where she shares her Life Reentry process that allows you to stop the spiral of pain and begin to live and love again.

Hungry for Life
Dr. Robin L. Smith
October 15, 2013 Ask Dr. Robin
Join Dr. Robin Smith for her weekly talk show Hungry for Life! Dr. Robin will share concepts from her new book, Hungry, and take calls from listeners. Don't let your past hold you back - learn how to move forward from personal crises.

Resurrecting Venus
Cynthia Occelli
August 29, 2013 Life by Cynthia Occelli
Cynthia will tackle the most common questions out of over 5,000 emails. Subjects include relationship troubles, work challenges, low self-worth and confidence and learning to surrender to succeed. Tune in and call in with your questions

Provocative Enlightenment
Eldon Taylor
August 28, 2013 A Farewell
This is scheduled to be the last Provocative Enlightenment to air on HH Radio. Eldon and Ravinder will take a walk down memory lane, visiting some of the highlights of show from the past. They will take your calls and Momma Santa will be in the house, so don’t miss this farewell. We would love to hear your thoughts on our show, so do please call in.

Women's Wellness Revolution
Marcelle Pick
July 26, 2013 The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health Care
Today, Marcelle talks to Dr. Vincent Felitti about his groundbreaking work on the ACE Study. Listen in to hear about the ongoing effects of the 10 categories of childhood experiences that were studied on adult well-being, health, and social function a half-century later. Call in with your comments!

SoundWave: The Muse Behind the Music
June 20, 2013 Sounds of Summer
Join us for a brand new episode of SoundWave, featuring new music from artists who are creating music with a message. This month, music from Mirva, Siri Svegler, Charlie Scopoletti, Daniel Coates, and Jackie Jones. Please visit these artists' web sites and support new music!

Crazy Sexy Wellness
Kris Carr
June 5, 2013 Loving Everyone
Kris explores unconditional love with her guest, Michael J. Chase, founder of the Kindness Center and an expert on the subjects of kindness and positive behavior. In his new book, The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone: A four legged approach to enlightenment, Michael tackles the question: Is it really possible to love everyone? Find out the answer to that question and so much more as Michael shares his stories about the four-legged inspiration behind his book and the life-altering insights she gave him.

Conversations with Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra, M.D.
May 30, 2013 The Power of Sleep and the Benefit of Dreams
Join Hay House Australia Managing Director Leon Nacson for a fascinating conversation with Deepak Chopra! Leon and Deepak discuss the power of dreams and introduce you to Deepak's revolutionary Dream Weaver.

Take a Shot!
Jake Steinfeld
March 19, 2013 The Perfect Fitness Solution for Your Mind & Body!
Join author, TV host, and actor Jake Steinfeld and his special guest Donna Cyrus as they discuss The Perfect Fitness Solution for Your Mind & Body! and her Addicted to Sweat DVD!

We Are One
Carmen Harra
February 28, 2013 I Love My Listeners
Without loyal listeners, no show can survive. If you have a burning life question or problem you just can't seem to see past, this is the time to call in because in honor of her audience, Carmen will dedicate the entire hour to speaking personally with her listeners and taking your calls

Flipping the Switch
Suze Casey
February 28, 2013 Challenged by the Trust Issue?
Trusting enough to love can be a big challenge. Today’s program will focus on deepening your ability to trust yourself and others. Whatever happened to break trust, through Belief Re-patterning you can rebuild trust in yourself. And then you don’t have to wonder who you can trust – you simply trust yourself.

The Beauty Blueprint
Michelle Phillips
February 26, 2013 Building Self-Confidence for Love, Life, and Money
For many of us a little more love, peace, and abundance is all we need to have a truly beautiful life. Often though we are afraid to ask the Universe for what we desire because we don’t think we are worthy or deserving. Well, we are! This is your divine time to have the strength to ask for what you want and to create a plan and path to allow it into your life. Join Michelle and her guests for coaching, tools, and support in building up the very worthy you!

The Tapping Solution Introduction
Nick Ortner
February 6, 2013 Discover The Tapping Solution
Join Nick Ortner for the debut of his new weekly radio show, The Tapping Solution. Learn how to use EFT or “Tapping” to finally make your New Year’s resolutions happen. Nick will explore the things stopping you from moving forward, why you might have failed before and how you can ensure success in the future. Nick will guide you through tapping exercises live on air and answer your questions about how tapping can benefit you. Call in and join the show!

Trust Your Vibes
Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
January 31, 2013 Imagine Your Hearts Desire
Your imagination is where you hearts desire begins to assume shape, form, color, sound. In other words it comes alive. Your imagination is the canvas and paintbrush of your life. It designs your heart’s desire to become uniquely yours.

Shadow Talk
Debbie Ford
December 13, 2012 What's in Store For You in 2013?
As 2012 comes to a close, what do you want to acknowledge yourself for about this year? And what unfinished business do you need to finish up to move into the new year powerfully and proudly. Be coached by Debbie Ford, transformational shadow coach extraordinaire to leave the past where it belongs -- in the past.

Yes! Energy
Loral Langemeier
October 30, 2012 Do Less, Make More
In Loral's final show she looks at reaching your "freedom day." What can you expect when you've put the Yes! Energy Equation to work for you. Are you ready to do less and make MORE of life?

Intuitive Insights
Peggy Rometo
October 25, 2012 Enough is Enough!
Are you good at blaming yourself? Are you your own worst enemy? Learn how to recreate in the moment to minimize incompletions and feeling bad about your choices. You can create a shift on your own now! Discover tips for embracing your strength and allowing yourself to be heard, while eliminating your negative self-talk through the use of intuition.

The Only Thing That Matters
Neale Donald Walsch
October 17, 2012 The Only Thing That Matters: A Conversation with Neale Donald Walsch
Join Diane Ray for an intimate conversation with best selling author Neale Donald Walsch ( Conversations with God) as he introduces his new book The Only Thing That Matters. Neale will be discussing ways to move through todays challenging times with grace and equanimity. Life does not have to be an endless cycle of challenging crises involving finances, relationships, health and family. Discover how to get out of your own way and remember what you were really put on this earth to do. Callers will be joining the show to share their stories and to ask Neale questions about the book. Discover how to focus your life on what's really important and bring into your life that which you truly desire. We hope you can join us!

The Ecstasy Hour
Barbara Carrellas
September 26, 2012 The Ecstatic Sacred Body
The majority of the world religions have a negative message about the body, especially the female body. Say the word “flesh” and the word “sin” appears in most of our minds. Meggan Watterson joins me today to tell us the true meaning of the body as a sacred erotic temple.

Discover Your Destiny
Michelle Buchanan
September 18, 2012 The Fall and Winter 2012 Forecast
Better late than never! Join Michelle to discover what your numbers have in store for fall and winter 2012 so you can take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Power, Promise, and Intention
Dr. Frank J. Kinslow
September 4, 2012 Power, Promise, and Intention
Join Dr. Frank Kinslow, the originator and teacher of the incredible Quantum Entrainment healing process as he takes you deeper in to this groundbreaking technique. Learn how to tap into your Eufeeling ( your "euphoric feeling) and harness it to form a powerful intention. Dr. Kinslow will lead participants through a series of exercises and show you that a simple shift in awareness is all you need to start creating miracles in your life.

Peace From Broken Pieces
Iyanla Vanzant
August 1, 2012 Making A Clean Break
As much as we hate it, there comes a time for many of us when a loving relationship comes to an end. It is hard. Sometimes, we think it is unfair. More often than not, when we are the one being left behind, we find ourselves feeling, angry, bitter, betrayed and discarded. It does not need to be this way. As difficult as it may be, there is a way to have a clean, clear and loving break when the time comes to end a relationship. Today we will discuss how.

Soul Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation
Sarah McLean
July 23, 2012 Nourishment: Continue the Transformation
It's the final week of the 8 week program to transform your life with meditation. Join Sarah McLean for more ways to support the changes that are happening in your life. Sarah will offer suggestions to help you shift your daily routine to enhance your health and your life.

I Believe
Eldon Taylor
March 29, 2012 When What You Believe Matters
Is there a blueprint for success? Why do some people excel more than others? Eldon Taylor explores the power of belief in his new book I Believe. Eldon talks with Diane Ray about the power of belief and the mind-body connection. Are your beliefs serving you or sabotaging you? Eldon offers you the opportunity to choose, once and again, what will drive your life.

Dying to Be Me
Anita Moorjani
March 22, 2012 Dying to Be Me with Anita Moorjani
What happens when we die? Where do we go? In her inspirational memoir, Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani relates her extraordinary near-death experience and her subsequent recovery from cancer that is truly miraculous. Anita shares her story with Diane Ray and let's us know that miracles are possible. Don't miss this amazing hour.

Haylo Health Hour
Caroline Sutherland
March 20, 2012 How Your Structure Represents Your Support System
Did you know that your physical structure represents your “emotional support system?” If you are having aches, pains and structural issues, this could involve a deeper, emotional root. Tune into this program and find out how to support your physical structure, making the most of what you stand for in life. Find out which supplements and foods support a healthy structure, to create pain-free flexibility. Regardless of your age, you do not need to be in pain. This Haylo Health Hour is not just about structure, but it’s an open forum to discuss any health subject. Call in, get a “spot reading” and let Caroline offer her intuitive perspective on your personal health issue.

Living Miraculously
Marianne Williamson
February 28, 2012 Minefields and Miracles
Filmmaker and journalist Ruth Broyde Sharone joins Marianne to discuss her new book Minefields and Miracles: A Global Adventure in Interfaith Leah Broyde Abrahams, Publisher. Ruth shares her story of working on the front lines for peace from the turbulent 1960's to travels through the Middle East and America. Don't miss this powerful conversation.

Instant Healing
Dr. Frank J. Kinslow
February 23, 2012 Breaking the Chains of Karma
Sometimes we feel as if we're being divinely guided and at other times we encounter roadblocks at every turn. Does your destiny rely on what you did in the past? Are you in control of our life or is that just an illusion? In this week on Instant Healing Dr. Frank Kinslow will teach you Quantum Entrainment and show you how you can break the chains of karma.

Core Balance for Women’s Health
Marcelle Pick
February 21, 2012 Women and Cancer: How to Save Your Own Life
An alarming number of women are diagnosed with cancer everyday. Cancer is actually a preventable disease. Whether you are interested in preventing cancer, struggling with cancer treatment or are a survivor fearing a recurrence you can take simple steps to transform your immune system. Join Marcelle today to turn on your cancer-fighting genes and natural killer cells. Create a cancer resistant body using safe natural foods, herbs, and supplements.

Conscious Evolution
Barbara Marx Hubbard
January 12, 2012 “Conscious Evolution of the Soul”
Chris Bache will discuss with Barbara “The Birth of the Diamond Soul: Reincarnation, the Planetary Crisis and the Future Human. He believes that the viewpoint of reincarnation helps us locate more fully our individual and the collective human experience in the broader context of the evolutionary process of the entire Creation. This engaging show will examine the impact of the planetary crisis having on the soul , integrating the two perspectives of the influence of reincarnation on the evolutionary pivot the soul is making and how it impacts our collective transformation at this most critical time in history.

Get A Life!
Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.
December 14, 2011 If It's Bad for Me, Why Does It Feel So Good?
As the new year approaches we all try to set goals and make changes. A lot of times our new year's resolutions fall flat. Let wellness expert Jonathan Ellerby Ph.d and comedian Lisa Lampanelli help you break some bad habits.

Out From the Inside
Karen McCrocklin
December 14, 2011 Lessons Learned
On her farewell show, Karen expresses her gratitude to the wonderful community of listeners and shares memorable moments from previous episodes of Out From the Inside. This show is all about the gift of lessons and how to use them to propel you forward to anywhere your spirit may lead you.

The Colette Baron-Reid Show
Colette Baron-Reid
October 27, 2011 Saying Goodbye with Gratitude
In her final show on HayHouseRadio.com, Colette shares her gratitude with YOU!

Deep Truth
Gregg Braden
October 11, 2011 Igniting the Memory of Your Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate
Gregg Braden discusses his fascinating new book Deep Truth and shares some amazing new discoveries that change 150 years of scientific beliefs. Touching on such issues as global warming, evolution, and intelligent design, Gregg reveals new discoveries that change the way we think about everything from our personal relationships to civilization itself.

Work from Within
Susan Bernstein
July 1, 2011 Bring Out the Best of You in the Work that You Do
Join Dr. Susan for her farewell show on Hay House Radio. She shares guidance for bringing out the best in you in the work that you do.

Just 10: Invitation to Change
Brad Lamm
June 30, 2011 Independence Days: Say Goodbye To Old Habits & Celebrate the New You
It’s time to break free from old habits and unhealthy beliefs as you declare your own personal independence! Every day can be a holiday when viewed as a celebration of personal progress and new intention. Join Brad to celebrate the triumphs you’ve found on the path to the new, improved you.

The Secret of Instant Healing
Dr. Frank J. Kinslow
June 16, 2011 Learn the Secret of Instant Healing
Join Dr. Frank Kinslow as he introduces you to the powerful Quantum Entrainment process! Learn about the healing and organizing force of awareness, and find out how you can put it to use to heal yourself and others.

Loyalty to Your Soul: Discovering the Heart of Spiritual Psychology
Drs. Ronald and Mary Hulnick Ph.D
May 26, 2011 Compassionate Self-Forgiveness: Freedom From Emotional Suffering
Do you have to forgive yourself for something? Listen in as Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick describe self-forgiveness as the royal road to freedom. Learn the difference between ego-centered forgiveness and soul-centered forgiveness. Shift your consciousness from the judgemental duality of right-making and wrong-making into one of acceptance and compassion for your humanness as well as that of others.

Inside-Out Healing
Richard Moss
May 12, 2011 Inside-Out Healing
Listen in as Richard Moss shares powerful principles for healing emotionally and physically from his book Inside Out Healing. Richard talks with host Diane Ray about the importance of the power of presence. Two participants also join the program to share their stories, and let Richard work with them to transform self limiting beliefs and heal emotional wounds.

An Introduction to Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much
Colette Baron-Reid
March 31, 2011 Weight Loss for Clairsentients
Do you feel overwhelmed at the end of the day and reach for food to ground you? If so, the issue might not be about willpower at all. Listen in as Colette Baron-Reid introduces you to her goundbreaking Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much program.

Power Up Your Brain!
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
February 17, 2011 The Neuroscience of Enlightenment
Join Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist, and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., a psychologist and medical anthropologist as they introduce their powerful Power Up Your Brain program. Discover how you can create a fertile environment to grow new brain cells and turn on the genes responsible for longevity, improved immunity, and enhanced brain function!

Feeling Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive
Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.
January 27, 2011 Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive
If you're feeling emotionally and physically burned out, be sure to tune in to this special hour with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Listen in as Joan explores the causes of burnout and talks with you about how you can revive. Discover ways you can regain your energy, creativity, and zest for life!

Conscious Wealth
Helen Kim
December 15, 2010 Rituals for Prosperity and Abundance
Stretch your mind and spirit to further your personal and professional goals! Rituals can be wonderful tools to help you release old patterns and limiting thoughts in order to move into the future with prosperity and abundance. Helen talks with Barbara Biziou, author and internationally acclaimed teacher of practical spirituality and global rituals, about using rituals to create powerful intentions and abundance for the New Year.

Inner Revolution
Robert Thurman
December 14, 2010 Keys of Inner Revolution
Join Robert as he talks about the keys for inner revolution and introduces you to new ways of achieving personal happiness and fulfillment.

Getting Through What You're Going Through
Iyanla Vanzant
December 2, 2010 Commit to Your Vision
Iyanla Vanzant talks with two radio show participants who are facing tough challenges in their lives and are looking for the strength to move forward. Iyanla explains how to claim your power and discusses how to set a clear vision for yourself to move ahead.

The Lisa Williams Show
Lisa Williams
November 11, 2010 Mediumship
Connect with the Other Side today with Lisa! Listen in as she looks at how you can connect with the Other Side. Find out what signs to look out for and how to decipher their meaning. She also gives readings to live callers.

All Aboard... It's I Can Do It at Sea!
Hay House
October 28, 2010 I Can Do It at Sea!
Get on board and join us for this I Can Do It at Sea special! Listen in to this hour packed with excerpts from I Can Do It at Sea workshops. In the first part of the show you'll hear from Dr.Wayne Dyer and medium John Holland. In the second part of the show join Cheryl Richardson and Dr. Brian Weiss. Hay House Events Director Nancy Levin shares her thoughts with Diane Ray about how special the I Can Do It at Sea cruises really are.

Experience Your Past Lives
Brian Weiss, M.D.
October 14, 2010 The Power of Your Past Lives
Listen in as Dr. Brian Weiss helps you unlock the doors to your past lives!

Authors in Action
Hay House - Authors in Action
September 20, 2010 Eldon Taylor and Cheryl Saban
Melanie Lococo, the Hay House Director of Giving talks with Hay House authors working with organizations they are passionate about. On today's show Melanie talks with Eldon Taylor about his work with Women for Women International  (WFWI) www.womenforwomen.org. WFWI works with women survivors of war in conflict conflict societies. Melanie also chats with Cheryl Saban about the work she is doing with Children's Hospital Los Angeles,  where 93,000 children are treated each year from around the world.

Life Keys
Lauren Mackler
September 1, 2010 Life Keys with Lauren
In this final Life Keys episode on Hay House Radio, Lauren takes your calls from the top of the hour, providing practical keys to help you move beyond the layers of your Conditioned Self, liberate your innate potential, and become the magnificent person you were born to be!

Earth Healers: Live Your True Nature
Mariel Hemingway, and Bobby Williams
August 26, 2010 Be Your Authentic Self
Join Mariel and Bobby as they talk about different ways you can learn how to be your authentic self. Discover ways to slow down and reconnect to what really makes you happy.

Inspiration Renovation
Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.
August 26, 2010 A World of Inspiration
Discover what it take to be able to live your inspiration every day and how you can use that energy to help bring about positive change in the world. Jonathan welcomes five-time Emmy Award winning filmmakers and conservationists, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who talk about how they've been able to live an inspired life doing what they love.

Wired For Joy
Laurel Mellin
July 28, 2010 Rewire Your Brain
In the last hour of the Wired For Joy series, Laurel shares the latest emotional brain science on how to erase a wire that triggers overeating, overspending, overworking, and other common excesses. Instead of forcing yourself to stop, erase the circuit and stop wanting it!

A Guide to Sacred Activism
Andrew Harvey
June 28, 2010 Off the Mat with Seane Corn
Andrew Harvey talks with Seane Corn, an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who is known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. Seane is a strong voice for social change, she is the National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS and the creator of the Off the Mat, Into the World programs as well as co-founder of Bare Witness Humanitarian Tours. Seane is the embodiment of sacred activism.

Modern Day Miracles
Louise Hay
June 11, 2010 Modern Day Miracles: 6/9/2010
Listen in as we celebrate the release of Louise Hay's book, Modern Day Miracles. In this hour, you'll hear inspirational stories from people all over the world who have been touched by Louise's books and teachings. Louise will also share some of her favorite affirmations for job success, self healing, receiving prosperity and more. Listen in to learn how you can create miracles in your own life.

Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms
David Kessler
June 3, 2010 Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms
David Kessler is one of the most well-known experts and lecturers on death and grief. In his new book Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms, David talks about the mystery of our final days. Listen in as Diane Ray interviews him about different death bed visions people experience and how as the dying lose sight of this world, they are welcomed into the next in some interesting ways. While death may look like a loss to the living, the last hours of a dying person may be filled with fullness rather than emptiness. Hear stories from people who have witnessed death bed visions and learn from some of David's stories he shares in the book.

Power vs. Force
David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.
June 1, 2010 Power vs. Force
What if you could ask a simple yes or no question and get a true answer every time? In his revolutionary book Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins details how anyone can detect a truth or a falsehood through the study of kinesiology. Dr. Hawkins talks about his groundbreaking work including the Calibrated Map of Consciousness, which can help to reveal levels of spiritual evolution. Dr. Hawkins also talks with Diane Ray about what he's working on now and bring us up to date on his research.

Experience Your Good Now
Louise Hay
May 24, 2010 Experience Your Good Now
Join Louise Hay as she discusses the importance of affirmations and shows you how to apply them to your life right now. In this hour, Louise talks about the power of your subconscious and shows you how to effectively use affirmations in all areas of your life, such as wealth, love, intimacy, career, and more. Louise also helps you overcome your fears and embrace change and transition in your life. Louise also closes the show with a powerful affirmation that you can listen to again and again. Don't miss this inspirational hour!

Movers and Shakers
Cheryl Richardson
May 11, 2010 Movers & Shakers: Take Your Career to a Whole New Level!
Are you ready to take your career to a whole new level? Learn how to finally make things happen in this Movers and Shakers special with best-selling author Cheryl Richardson and Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy. Get ready to realize your dreams and share your message with the world! Also be sure to read this show guide feature in which Cheryl and Reid talk about Movers & Shakers. Click here.

Care of the Soul in Medicine
Thomas Moore
May 7, 2010 Care of the Soul in Medicine
When a person is thrown into a medical crises, the spirit and the soul are affected just as much as the body. But, too often in today's health care system the crucial elements of spirit and soul are overlooked. Thomas Moore has a new vision for health care and he shares his hopes for the future in his new book Care of the Soul in Medicine. In this special, Thomas talks with Diane Ray about the importance of healing a person rather than just treating the body. Find out what people really think about the health care system as they share both their good and bad experiences during the hour. Medical professionals also candidly give their views on the state of health care today. The future of medicine is not only dependent on new technical developments but also on appreciating the state of the soul and spirit. Join Thomas for this truly enlightening hour.

Dialogue with Destiny
Robert Ohotto
May 7, 2010 How to Have a Sacred Break Up or Divorce
Break ups and divorces are often quite gut wrenching and just plain suck! Yet, there is perhaps nothing more sacred. Tune in as Robert explains why it's important to treat the ending of our relationships with reverence and compassion. He gives you tools and insights to energize your soul and helps you honor break ups as a sacred part of the soul contracts we have with others.

Defy Gravity Special Broadcast
Caroline Myss
April 21, 2010 Recognizing the Invader Archetype
The Invader Archetype is one of the most covert and clever of all the archetypes in the deck, so to speak. The Invader is a person who comes into your life with a strategy that seems at the surface to be completely upfront, but gradually the secondary agenda of this individual “invades” your space, business, intellectual territory, family, and so on. Have you ever said, “I feel like that person invades my space”? That is a comment that indicates you might well be dealing with an Invader. Join Caroline for this not-to-miss show!

Shifting Frequencies
Jonathan Goldman
April 19, 2010 Sacred Sounds for Healing
In today's powerful program, Jonathan teaches you how to use mantra, the sacred words of power, to elicit different states of consciousness and bring yourself into greater happiness and harmony.

The Wisdom of Sam
Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D.
April 19, 2010 The Wisdom of Sam
In Daniel Gottlieb's new book The Wisdom of Sam, he shares the story of the incredible bond he has with his grandson Sam, and some of the lessons he's learned from their relationship. Both Sam and Dan have experienced challenges in their lives. Sam has had to face autism, and Dan has had to face quadriplegia after a near fatal car accident. In this hour, Dan talks what he's learned from watching Sam face autism.

Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind
Dr. Darren R. Weissman
April 12, 2010 Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind
Are you ready to discover your path to inner peace? Join Dr. Darren Weissman for a fascinating hour to learn how to awaken your infinite potential for healing and wholeness. Dr. Darren Weissman, developer of The Lifeline Technique, talks with host Diane Ray about how you can tap into the true power that exists within all of us. Dr. Weissman reveals how to interpret and transform symptoms, stress, and disease through ancient spiritual wisdom fused with a modern day understanding of the subconscious mind. You'll also hear from people who have experienced their own healing power using Dr. Weissman's technique. Tune in and discover how your body and soul are speaking to you and how you can learn how to listen.

The Barefoot Doctor
The Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell)
April 6, 2010 Becoming Fearless
Developing courage to take risks is essential if you want to live a full, rich life. Listen in as Barefoot Doctor shares his insight into the ancient Taoist way to override fear, develop courage, and jump into the flow to achieve success.

The Soul of Attraction
James F. Twyman
March 26, 2010 The Art of Attracting What You Really Want
How can you attract what you really, really want? Listen in as James takes your calls on using the Law of Attraction to fulfill your soul.

The Divine Name
Jonathan Goldman
March 22, 2010 The Divine Name
Healing sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman has discovered a way of using the human voice to sound The Divine Name that lives within each of us. In doing so, we embody the direct experience of this ancient and timeless message. Join Jonathan for this fascinating hour on the healing power of The Divine Name. Jonathan tells you about his incredible discovery of The Divine Name and teaches you how to use it to bring harmony and healing to your soul and the planet. Jonathan is also joined by Gregg Braden to discuss the power of The Divine Name and how it can help us usher in a new era of human consciousness.

Just Get on with It
Ali Campbell
March 15, 2010 Just Get on with It with Ali Campbell
Has the past year been difficult for you? For many of us, 2009 was a year of uncertainty in which we've reassessed our lives and have been forced to ask some tough questions. What is really important? What makes you happy? What do you want your life to be like? Life Coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer Ali Campbell has some advice in his new book Just Get on With It: A Caring Compassionate Kick up the Ass. From our Hay House studios in London, Ali gives you some answers on how to avoid the trap of procrastination and how you can stop putting things off and really get motivated. Life coach and author Michael Neill also joins the show to share some secrets about how to get off the couch and really transform your life into the success you want it to be.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.
March 1, 2010 How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
David Hamilton, Ph.D., explores the power of visualization, belief, and positive thinking in How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body. In this one hour radio special, Dr. Hamilton explains the power of thought and belief in the healing process and shows you how to effectively learn how to combat disease, pain, and illness. Dr. Hamilton also leads you on a powerful visualization exercise that you can download and listen to over and over again. You'll see how science and belief systems merge so that you can heal yourself more effectively than ever before.

Chants of a Lifetime
Krishna Das
February 22, 2010 Chants of a Lifetime with Krishna Das
Krishna Das has been called "the chant master of American yoga." Since 1994, the sound of his voice singing traditional Indian chants with a Western flavor has brought the spiritual experience of chanting with audiences all over the world. Now you can join him in this fascinating radio special! Listen in as Krishna Das talks about the transformational power of chanting and shares stories and chants from various workshops around the world. He also leds you on several potent chants to calm your mind and open yourself to vast spiritual vistas. Inspired by spiritual teacher and friend Ram Dass, Krishna Das began practicing chanting in the late 1960s and studied in India with guru Neem Karoli Baba. Be sure ot join in for this uplifting hour!

A Burning Desire: Dharma God and the Path of Recovery
Kevin Griffin
January 25, 2010 A Buring Desire: Dharma God and the Path of Recovery
In A Burning Desire: Dharma God and the Path of Recovery, Kevin Griffin explores the ways in which the 12 step idea of God or a Higher Power can be understood from a Buddhist perspective.

The Fifth Agreement
don Jose Ruiz
January 14, 2010 The Fifth Agreement
Join don Miguel Ruiz and his son don Jose Ruiz for an enriching hour as they share the powerful teachings of the Toltec in The Fifth Agreement. Taking up where The Four Agreements left off, don Miguel and don Jose empower you to question the beliefs you've had about yourself and teach you how to really seek the truth. don Miguel and don Jose also lead you on a powerful exercise to help you to make the Fifth Agreement with yourself and experience freedom and joy.

Catch The Spark with Chris Downie
Chris Downie
January 7, 2010 Catch The Spark with Chris Downie
What goals do you have for the year to come? Listen in as Chris Downie, founder and CEO of Sparkpeople.com, shares his story and introduces his new book The Spark that focuses on what you can do to be fit and healthy instead of what you can't do.

Ask Chris
Chris Dufresne
December 11, 2009 Chris Takes Your Calls
Psychic Chris Dufresne takes your calls for insight into everything from your career to love life. Chris is Sylvia Browne’s son and a gifted psychic in his own right who has worked with thousands of clients for over 25 years. Join him for a fascinating hour!

The Shamanic Hotline
Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.
December 11, 2009 The Holy Days of December and Solstice Celebrations
For the final show of the year, Steven draws from his book Sacred Ceremony and details some of the ancient festivals that occurred in many cultures during the season of long nights and short days, also known as solstice celebrations.

Interior Worlds
Cornel West
November 16, 2009 Living Outside the Fold: Dr. Cornel West and Jeff Johnson
Summer talks with noted professor Dr. Cornel West (author of the memoir Brother West) and BET talk-show host Jeff Johnson (author of Everything I’m Not Made Me Everything I Am) about what it’s like to discover your voice. She asks them how they found the courage to cut their own roads, and where they feel like successes and where they don’t. These two extraordinary activists and media personalities allow us an intimate glimpse into their own lives as they share their private paths to success with us.

Power Thoughts
Hay House - Power Thoughts
October 26, 2009 The Power of Words
Discover the transformative power of words this week on Power Thoughts. Join us for a Happy Halloween story from Andy Andrews. Alan Cohen tells you about his first novel, Linden's Last Life, and Kim Rosen helps you to discover the power of poetry to heal from her new book, Saved by A Poem.

Saved By A Poem
Kim Rosen
October 19, 2009 Saved By A Poem
Can someone really be saved by a poem? Author Kim Rosen says that yes, the power of worlds can both heal you and help you emerge from any kind of difficulty in life. In Kim's new book, Saved by a Poem, she encourages us to look at poetry in a new way and experience it as a prayer or affirmation. Kim talks with Summer McStravick about her new book and companion CD, and guides us to find a poem that speaks to our souls.

The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism
Caroline Myss
October 5, 2009 The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey calls sacred activism a transforming force that blends deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion with wise, radical action in the world. In Andrew's new book, The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, he reveals his call to action and gives guidelines as to how all of us can become involved in large-scale global change. Andrew's special guest in the show, Caroline Myss, joins him for this powerful hour as together they explain their vision of sacred activism and their remarkably similar understandings of our world.

Attracting Abundance
Peggy McColl
October 1, 2009 Rock Star YOU
Learn what it takes to be branded like a rock star and reap the rewards! Peggy talks with identical twins and branding experts Aly and Andrea about how you can stand out from the rest, even when you look and sound alike.

Tim Freke: Stand-Up Philosopher
Timothy Freke
October 1, 2009 Get Ready For Some Philosophical Sparring!
Join Tim for his last radio show. As if that’s not enough reason to tune in, his good friend and philosophical sparring partner Peter Gandy is also back by popular demand! Tune in as they talk about The Gospel of the Second Coming, a laugh out loud book they co-authored on Christianity.

Summer McStravick
September 30, 2009 Manifesting with the Flow
Hop into your flow and allow the Universe to guide you to all the best in your life. Learn the powerful new way of manifestational thinking based on flow as Summer explores various aspects of Flowdreaming each week.

Green Made Easy
Chris Prelitz
September 30, 2009 The Solar Show
Learn all about solar energy today with Chris! Listen in as he shares ways you can use five different types of solar in your own life.

I Can Do It, VIII: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul, San Diego
I Can Do It Conference
September 28, 2009 Get Healthy and Break Free of Worry!
Get healthy and overcome worry today! In the first half of the hour, medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland and environmentalist Chris Prelitz discuss environmental causes for allergies and other health issues. Then Dr. Robert Leahy and Denise Marek give you strategies to overcome worry and anxiety.

Return to Sawyerton Springs
Andy Andrews
September 28, 2009 Return to Sawyerton Springs, with Andy Andrews
Join best-selling novelist and speaker Andy Andrews as he reads selections from his funny stories about American life, and joins Summer McStravick to talk about his latest book, Return to Sawyerton Springs. With his Garrison Keillor type humor, Andy introduces us to the small town where he grew up, and urges us to take the time to find the humor and meaning in everyday life.

Open Up
Marilyn Kagan LCSW
September 22, 2009 Coming Out of the Closet
Join Marilyn today to talk about the pain and suffering of coming out of the closet. How has homosexuality impacted your life?

Virus of the Mind
Richard Brodie
August 17, 2009 Virus of the Mind with Richard Brodie
Could you be suffering from a mind virus and not know it? Join Richard Brodie, author of Virus of the Mind, for a fascinating hour as he delves into the science of memetics. Memetics is the science of memes, the invisible but very real DNA of human society.

Ask Sylvia!
Sylvia Browne
July 31, 2009 What Does Your Future Hold?
Chris Dufresne takes your calls today in this special edition of Ask Sylvia!

Healing Hearts
Eve A. Wood, M.D.
July 24, 2009 Getting Trapped in Reruns
Do you find yourself living a "Groundhog Day" existence, replaying the same stories over and over? We're set up by our histories to replay old dynamics but with some focus it's possible to break the pattern of dysfunction and create something totally different in your life. Let Dr. Eve Wood give you some tools to retrain those old destructive thought patterns.

Baby Sign Language Basics
Monta Briant
July 13, 2009 Baby Sign Language Basics
Stop wondering if your baby is hungry or tired, as you and your baby learn to share this nonverbal form of communication. Babies who sign also experience advances in many other areas of development, so join Monta Briant and the other mothers in this show for an hour of learning to sign with your baby!

The Spirit of the Future: Voices and Visions of Hope
Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D.
June 11, 2009 Conscious Evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard
How we can evolve consciously and realize our co-creative potential as evolved human beings living in an awakened world? Joan and Gordon talk with futurist, author, and social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard about shifting from ego to essence. American architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller once described Barbara as “the best informed human being now alive regarding Futurism.” Be sure to tune in to hear her insight.

What is Your Self Worth?
Cheryl Saban, Ph.D
June 1, 2009 What is Your Self Worth?
Psychologist, philanthropist, and family advocate Cheryl Saban is on a mission! In her radio special "What is Your Self Worth?", Cheryl asks women around the world and of all ages to take a look at how society perceives them and how they perceive themselves.

The End of Fear
Bonney Schaub
May 18, 2009 The End of Fear
In this inspiring program, The End of Fear, Richard and Bonney Schaub explore the origins of fear and give real tools and strategies for dealing with it. Drawing from their 30 years of experience as psychotherapists, the Schaubs teach how to skillfully turn away from fear and transform it. Once we stop fighting fear and instead face it with compassion, we'll be free to realize and achieve our full potential for peace, love, and joy.

The Clinic
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.
May 14, 2009 The Clinic
Join medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and life coach Cheryl Richardson as they put their heads together to solve and guide you to find solutions to life's problems. These experts will identify your problems, help you access your intuition and strength, and guide you to the action steps that will make a powerful difference in your life.

I Can Do It, VII: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul, Tampa
I Can Do It Conference
April 13, 2009 The Power Lies Within You with Colette Baron-Reid and Sandra Anne Taylor
Learn to tap into the infinite power within you! Intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid talks with Sandra Anne Taylor about the powerful laws of the universe and how we can learn to harness them for growth and change in our own lives.

Interpreting Dreams
Leon Nacson
April 1, 2009 Jokers and Pranksters
April Fool’s Day is just around the corner! While you may have some pranks planned for friends and family, what does it mean when you dream of trickery? Whether you’re the target of the joke or the prankster, Leon and Lucy fill you in on your dreams.

The Vitamin D Revolution
Soram Khalsa, M.D.
March 30, 2009 The Vitamin D Revolution
Recent groundbreaking medical research has made a connection between vitamin D deficiency and seventeen types of cancers, including breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Until not too long ago, a vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) deficit was only associated with rickets, the childhood bone disease. Now, Dr. Soram Khalsa, M.D., sheds new light on the power of this long forgotten vitamin. Join Dr. Khalsa for an illuminating hour where he reveals how to recognize signs of vitamin D deficiency, which has reached epidemic proportions in North America, and shares insights from his Beverly Hills practice where he normalizes patients' Vitamin D levels for their optimum health.

Live with Debbie Ford
Debbie Ford
March 27, 2009 Unmask Your Shadow
In this hour of self-revelation, Debbie pushes you to examine who you really are and why you act the way you do. Learn how to find wholeness and embrace all of who you are.

Dear Venus...
Venus Andrecht
March 26, 2009 Venus's Goodbye Show
Join Venus for her last show on HayHouseRadio.com! Venus chats about whatever comes up and does readings for you. She also tells you where you can hear her show in the future and gives away free sessions!

Love Quest
Ryan and Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D.
March 25, 2009 Create the Loving Relationship You've Always Wanted
Are you frustrated with the dating and relationships? Listen in as dating and relationship experts Ryan and Dr. Jessica Cassaday give you the advice you need to take your love life to the next level.

Sex...with Barbara Carrellas
Barbara Carrellas
March 20, 2009 The Art of Open Relationships
Non-monogamy. Polyamory. Open Relationships. How do these work? Are they worth the effort? Is there really enough love to go around? What about jealousy? Join Barbara as she talks with Dossie Easton, the author of The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships and Other Adventures.

The Carol Ritberger Show
Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.
March 19, 2009 Ease the Pain of Arthritis
What’s causing the body to turn on itself and destroy it’s own cartilage? Learn how to ease the pain of arthritis today with Carol

From Crisis to Clarity: Three Perspectives on Self-Empowerment During Times of Change
Hay House Radio - Canyon Ranch Series
March 2, 2009 From Crisis to Clarity: Integration
Cheryl Richardson, Jonathan Ellerby, and Summer McStravick bring together the themes from this 4-part series, and take the conversation to a deeper level with the most compelling of them.

Why My Mother Didn't Want Me to Be a Psychic
Heidi Sawyer
March 2, 2009 Why My Mother Didn't Want Me to Be a Psychic
Heidi Sawyer is a down-to-earth mom who never conceived that she would become one of the most sought after psychics in the UK. Join Heidi along with Jo Burgess as she shares her story. Heidi faced huge disapproval from those around her as her psychic abilities started to develop. Her journey to explore her amazing gifts and gain acceptance will inspire others to trust their own awakening experiences. Heidi also shares some tips and exercises that we can all do to cultivate our own sixth sense.

Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You
Deborah King
February 17, 2009 Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You
Join Deborah King for a thought provoking hour based on her new book, Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. Deborah explores how supressing the truth can cause distortions in your energy system, leading to disease and illness. Using her own powerful story of healing and recovery, as well as stories drawn from her own private practice and workshops, Deborah reveals how telling the truth can save your life.

Angel Kids and Indigos
Hay House Radio - Angel Kids and Indigos
February 9, 2009 Angel Kids and Indigos
There is a revolution going on. Parents, teachers, and caregivers are all aware that today's children are quite different from the generations that preceded them. In this hour we'll examine the idea that humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness, and our children are at the forefront. Are kids today born more aware, and in some cases, psychic? We'll examine the Indigo Children phenomenon with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, authors of the book, The Indigo Children: Ten Years Later. Jacky Newcomb, author of the book, Angel Kids, discusses children who've had amazing encounters with angels and people on the Other Side. Angel Therapy expert Doreen Virtue also offers her opinion on the subject of Indigo Children and their counterparts the Crystal and Rainbow children. Discover if mankind is truly evolving into a more psychic and aware generation.

F**k It!
John Parkin
January 5, 2009 Just Say F**k It!
Have you ever just wanted to say F@#$ It? To your boss, your accountant, your bills? Author John Parkin has said it a lot and he believes that adopting a "f@#$ it" attitude can be your key to liberation. In fact, he’s written a whole book about it: F*** It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way. Instead of feeling shocked by the word, learn how to use it to your advantage. Listen in as Jo Burgess talks with John from our Hay House offices in London.

I Can Do It, VI: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul, Las Vegas
I Can Do It Conference
November 10, 2008 Life and Death From a Psychic’s Perspective: John Holland and Lisa Williams
Don't miss your chance to hear two of the world's most amazing psychic mediums in conversation! Lisa Williams and John Holland talk about what it’s like to be a medium and swap stories about their personal experiences with those on the Other Side.

The Key to Tomorrow’s Health: Help and Healing Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening
Dr. Christiane Northrup
October 22, 2008 The Key to Tomorrow's Health: Help and Healing Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening
New York Times best-selling author and women's health visionary Dr. Christiane Northrup is joined by three physicians who discuss the healing work of the Medical and Scientific Group of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, one of the world's largest spiritual healing groups.

An Introduction to the Biology of Belief
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
October 13, 2008 An Introduction to the Biology of Belief
Dr. Bruce Lipton introduces his groundbreaking work in the field of new biology. The implications of Dr. Lipton's research will radically change the way we look at life. Dr. Lipton's message is that we are not victims of our genetic makeup, but that we have the power to heal and change. Louise Hay joins Dr. Lipton during the hour to talk about the science behind the positive affirmation work she has been talking about for years. Tune in for an amazing hour that will introduce you to the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics in a way that is exciting and easy to understand.

Wake up to Lucid Living
Timothy Freke
October 8, 2008 Wake up to Lucid Living
Spend an hour with "stand-up philosopher" Timothy Freke as he shares his experiences in waking up to life and learning how to live consciously.

Spotlight UK
Diane Ray
September 26, 2008 Gentle Dying with Felicity Warner
Join Jo Burgess from our studios at the Hay House offices in London as she talks with Felicity Warner, author of Gentle Dying. Felicity is the founder of The Hospice of the Heart Trust, a UK charity that promotes holistic, compassionate, approaches to end of life issues.

Glynis Has Your Number
Glynis McCants
September 26, 2008 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Their Family Dynamics
Now that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had twins, the whole family dynamic is bound the change. Listen to Glynis as she breaks down this family of eight and gives advice on what it will take for them to avoid chaos. And, she takes all your calls!

Zestful Living
Dawn Breslin
September 19, 2008 Zestful Living with Dawn Breslin
Dawn gives practical advice and tips on how to live a more positive and zestful life.

Your Soul’s Compass
Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.
September 11, 2008 The Future: Fate or Freedom?
Is the future what is going to happen to us or do we have a role in creating it? Learn to cross the bridge from fate to freedom with Joan and Gordon!

An Hour with Gordon Smith
Summer McStravick
August 29, 2008 An Hour with Gordon Smith
Join Gordon Smith, the UK's most accurate medium as he answers your questions and connects callers with loved ones on the Other Side.

Meditations To Go
Hay House Radio - Meditations to Go
August 11, 2008 Overcoming Fear with Louise Hay and Get a Good Night's Sleep with Deepak Chopra
Louise Hay leads you on a soothing meditation to help you release your fears. Then, achieve total relaxation in a meditation from Deepak Chopra's The Good Night Sleep Kit.

The Body Knows...How to Stay Young
Caroline Sutherland
July 18, 2008 The Body Knows... How to Stay Young
Is it possible to slow down the aging process? Health educator and medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland says “Yes”! Join us for a special radio broadcast as we learn some healthy aging secrets from Caroline Sutherland’s new book The Body Knows… How to Stay Young.

The Secrets of Success with Sandra Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor
July 2, 2008 The Secrets of Success with Sandra Taylor
Sandra shares information from her new book, The Secrets of Success, to help you discover ways to align your own energy field with the driving force of the cosmos to bring real results into your life.

Inside the Moses Code
James F. Twyman
April 9, 2008 Inside the Moses Code
Unlock the energy of the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world! First used in ancient times, the Moses Code has created some of the greatest miracles in history and is the foundation upon which the Law of Attraction was built. This powerful code has been hidden for thousands of years, only to be revealed now by James Twyman in The Moses Code book and movie.

I Can Do It, V: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul, Tampa
I Can Do It Conference
April 8, 2008 Vibrant Living for Women: Louise Hay and Carolyn Sutherland
Listen in on an intimate conversation between Louise Hay and Carolyn Sutherland as they talk about what it means to move through life’s stages as a woman, sharing how they’ve each claimed their power and created successful and joy-filled lives for themselves.

The Mary and Heather Show
Heather Reider
March 31, 2008 Financial Freedom: Multiple Streams of Income for Moms
Are you ready for financial freedom? Are you ready to take charge of your life? Mary and Heather talk about the multiple streams of income they use to build financial freedom. And, they tell you how you can do it too. This is a show you can’t afford to miss!

The Crystal Andrus Show
Crystal Andrus
March 27, 2008 If Not You, Then Who?
This very moment is the time for you to step into your power. Are you honoring your greatness? Are you honoring your body, needs, and dreams? If not, why not? Join Crystal today to tap into your greatness.

Solomon's Angels Special
Doreen Virtue
March 4, 2008 Doreen Virtue Unveils Her New Novel
Soloman’s Angels is a historical, spiritual, romantic novel about King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba written by Doreen Virtue.

In this one-hour special event, Doreen shares her experience writing this remarkable work of fiction, and reads her favorite selection from the novel for you. She also answers mail and readers’ questions about the book—a great resource for those of you reading the book in book clubs or meet-up groups.

Spirit-Centered Relationships
Kathlyn Hendricks
January 18, 2008 The Freeform Show
Do you have a relationship question for Gay and Katie? Today’s show is dedicated to answering your emails and calls! Send your questions to monika@hendricks.com

Suze Orman's The Spirit of Wealth
Suze Orman
October 4, 2007 Develop Your Money-Smarts
Join Suze as she shares her unique perspective that combines her well-known “money-smarts” with spiritually enhanced guidance. Nurture your relationship with money so it blooms into abundance by listening to Suze Orman’s The Spirit of Wealth.

The Power of Prophecy
Bishop E. Bernard Jordan
August 21, 2007 Name What You Want to Manifest
Names carry tremendous power. What you name something determines its nature for you. What are you naming the things and people in your life now, and how will you name the things and people you want to show up in your life? To download today's exercise, click here.

Transformation Talk
Bill Phillips
July 18, 2007 Staying the Course
How do you get back on track and make transformation a way of life? Join Bill Phillips as he helps you renew your focus, lift your energy, and strengthen your commitment to health—starting today!

I Can Do It, IV: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul, Las Vegas
I Can Do It Conference
June 7, 2007 Vibrant Living for Women: Louise Hay and Dr. Christiane Northrup
Listen in on an intimate conversation between Louise Hay and Dr. Christiane Northrup as they talk about what it means to move through life’s stages as a woman, sharing how they’ve each claimed their power and created successful and joy-filled lives for themselves.

The Healing Zone
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
March 14, 2007 Dr. Dharma and Mariel Hemingway
Today Dr. Dharma welcomes world-renowned actress and a devoted Hatha and Kriya yogi, Mariel Hemingway, as she enlightens us about the principles found in her new book, Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out. We hope you enjoy Dr. Dharma and this fascinating, inspirational role model and devoted mother in this very last show of The Healing Zone.

The Mommy Chronicles
Stephanie Triplett
December 28, 2006 Marriage 911
Help! What happened to our marriage? Kids, school, running the household, work, and the mortgage all seem to have zapped the fun out of being married. Sara and Stephanie find help.

I Can Do It, III: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul: Orlando
I Can Do It Conference
November 3, 2006 Special Guest Dr. Wayne Dyer
Host Summer McStravick interviews "The Father of Inspiration," Dr. Wayne Dyer, at the 2006 I Can Do It! Conference in Orlando.

The Truth
Frank Sepe
October 30, 2006 The Do's and Don’t's of Metabolism
Join fitness expert Frank Sepe as he sets the record straight about your metabolism and weight-loss. Frank tells you how to soup up your metabolism with the right diet and exercise to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. One lucky caller to Frank's show will win $500 worth of Met Rx products to help stay on track.

Louise Hay Radiothon
Louise Hay
October 11, 2006 Louise's 80th Birthday Tribute - Part 4
Louise Hay is coming out of retirement to talk to you! HayHouseRadio.com is proud to present the first-ever Louise Hay Radiothon! During this special 80th birthday benefit, Louise Hay will conduct a rare four-hour live broadcast. Plus special guests, prize giveaways and more!

Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt
Wyatt Webb
September 20, 2006 Becoming Your Own Parent
When you're dealing with tough emotional issues, it's easy to say, "I had the worst parents in the world—that's why I'm messed up!" However, at a certain age, the real question becomes, "Now what am I going to do about it?" Join Wyatt Webb as he helps to heal parental issues so we can move on and release ourselves from the unmet needs of our childhoods

Miracles with Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson
February 21, 2006 Starting the Day
Every single morning, you have the opportunity to give your day to God's will. In today's show, Marianne shares her own morning ritual with you, and how it has changed her life.

Radio for Your Soul Premier Hour
Summer McStravick
February 6, 2006 Reclaim Your Creative Self with Wren Ross and Daena Giardella
Spend an hour getting refocused on your creativity. Learn what your creative work cycles are, and discover how to befriend your "inner critic." Today, Summer interviews creative teachers Wren and Daena, who will help you free your creativity and better understand your particular form of creativity.

I Can Do It, II: Conversations to Awaken Your Soul: Orlando
I Can Do It Conference
November 8, 2005 Summer McStravick Interviews Special Guest Wyatt Webb
Host Summer McStravick interviews Wyatt Webb at the Hay House I Can Do It Event! in Orlando 2005.

Spiritual Cinema
Gay Hendricks
April 7, 2005 Movie-Talk!
The Hosts speak with special guest Rev. Ed Townley as they discuss new movies, classics, and recent releases on DVD.

The Joy of Stress
Loretta LaRoche
April 7, 2005 Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants!
Tap into an hour of laughter with Loretta, and learn how to de-stress!

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