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Deborah King
The Deborah King Show
Deborah King
Every Wednesday, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT
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episode overview
  May 22, 2011, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT
episode overview
  Hands-On Healing
Get your hands-on healing ability fired-up today with Deborah! Tune in as she teaches you all about hands-on healing. Learn about its long and colorful history, why you too are a natural born healer, and how easy it is to develop the ability to channel healing energy through your hands. This amazing gift is built right into your cellular memory, so isn’t it about time to open yourself to it?

April 9, 2014: What Can a Pendulum Reveal About Your Chakras?
Spiritual teacher and energy healer Deborah King illuminates the mighty power of the pendulum. Discover how to use a pendulum to check the health of your energy field, determine if there are blockages in your chakras affecting your health, and even connect to your higher self! Call in to find out how.

 March 26, 2014: Awaken Your Energy Healer!
Did you know you’re a natural born healer? Join Master Healer Deborah King and discover your natural healing abilities. Heal yourself, heal your pets, heal your family and friends. This is a must listen! Plus, call in and find out which of your special healing talents is just waiting to flower!

 March 19, 2014: Your 8th Chakra: The Seat of Karmic Residue!
Your 8th chakra is the seat of spiritual compassion and divine love. But did you know it’s also where your karmic residue is stored? On this show, energy healer and spiritual teacher Deborah King explains how to activate your 8th chakra and clean out those karmic leftovers so you can access your true power!

 March 12, 2014: What If That Accident Was Really A Wake-Up Call?
“Accidents” are often less random than they seem. New York Times bestselling author Deborah King describes a phenomenon she sees frequently as a spiritual teacher and energy healer: accidents—from falling down stairs to getting rear-ended—that occur as a wake-up call to snap someone out of a destructive pattern of behavior.

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