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about the show
Sylvia Browne
Ask Sylvia!
Sylvia Browne
Every , 12:00 am - 12:00 am PDT
about the host
  show overview    
  Spend time with Sylvia every week as she reveals the secrets and mysteries of both this world and the world hereafter. Millions of people have witnessed Sylvia’s incredible psychic gifts on TV shows such as Montel, Sally Jesse Raphael, Larry King Live, and Unsolved Mysteries. Her array of talents includes seeing future events, contacting spirits who have crossed to the Other Side, and sensing and speaking to angels and spirit guides. Many people have to wait three to five years for a personal reading with Sylvia, but in this very special show, Sylvia offers you the rare opportunity to speak to her live. Ask her who your spirit guide is, or if there is anyone from the Other Side waiting to speak to you. Find out what your future holds, and ask Sylvia for her psychic advice. And be sure to check out her archived shows to hear even more wisdom from Sylvia!  

July 30, 2009: What Does Your Future Hold?
Chris Dufresne takes your calls today in this special edition of Ask Sylvia!

 July 23, 2009: Live with Chris Dufresne
Chris Dufresne takes your calls today in this special edition of Ask Sylvia!

 July 16, 2009: What’s Your Question?
Chris Dufresne takes your calls today in this special edition of Ask Sylvia!

 June 11, 2009: Chris Dufresne Takes Your Calls
Want to know when you’ll meet the love of your life? Or, what step to take next in your career? Join guest host Chris Dufresne today.

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See Sylvia in Person!
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This is a fascinating, in-depth study for anyone who wants to become more spiritual and spread positive energy rather than evil and negativity.
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