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Carmen Harra
We Are One
Carmen Harra
Every Thursday, 8:00 am - 9:00 am PDT
about the host
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  Join Dr. Carmen Harra each week as she helps you navigate through these challenging times. Using her skills as a clinical psychologist and her uncanny intuitive abilities, Carmen addresses current events, relationships, and the universal connections we have with each other. Drawing from some of the principles from her book Wholiness, Carmen tackles topics that people can relate to as individuals as well as issues that affect us all as part of a larger community of human beings. Carmen helps you to recognize the sacred connections that support and sustain us. Discover practical ways to bring the concept of "wholiness" into the world.  

February 28, 2013: I Love My Listeners
Without loyal listeners, no show can survive. If you have a burning life question or problem you just can't seem to see past, this is the time to call in because in honor of her audience, Carmen will dedicate the entire hour to speaking personally with her listeners and taking your calls

 February 21, 2013: The Story of My Life: Incredibly Inspiring Anecdotes
The greatest tales of all time are true. The remarkably resilient accounts of others can inspire us to take that necessary step forward and enact positive change in our own lives. Tune in and become inspired by over 10 unbelievable but true short stories that will help you transform your own life.

 February 14, 2013: The 10 Commandments of Decision-Making
You know that you should always consider your actions carefully, but what exactly should you consider when faced with a life-altering decision? Just a few self-probing questions can save you from major mistakes. Join Carmen as she teaches you the 10 commandments of decision-making so you can make the wisest choice every time.

 February 7, 2013: The True Test of Trust
Trust is more easily lost than earned. And once lost, trust can be very difficult to regain. So how do you rebuild a solid sense of trust after betrayal, infidelity, or untruthfulness? Listen in and learn how to pass even your most challenging tests of trust and solidify your relationship once more.

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