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Suze Casey
Flipping the Switch
Suze Casey
Every Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT
about the host
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  Discover how to "flip the switch" to positive thoughts and learn how to overcome long held negative beliefs with Suze Casey and her belief re patterning process. Based in cognitive learning theory, educational psychology and years of observation, this proactive technique developed by Suze Casey rebuilds neural pathways and connections, allowing you to think, act and feel differently. Each week Suze will help you to discover ways to quickly and almost effortlessly get back on track when life's stressors have pulled you off. www.suzecasey.com and www.beliefrepatterning.com  

February 28, 2013: Challenged by the Trust Issue?
Trusting enough to love can be a big challenge. Today’s program will focus on deepening your ability to trust yourself and others. Whatever happened to break trust, through Belief Re-patterning you can rebuild trust in yourself. And then you don’t have to wonder who you can trust – you simply trust yourself.

 February 21, 2013: Where is the Love?
Tired of being on your own? In a relationship that doesn’t support you? Wanting to make a good relationship great? The solution is the same…love yourself. Needing some support? Belief Re-patterning will support you in moving through whatever old stories are in the way of you appreciating and valuing yourself.

 February 14, 2013: Being Your Own Best Valentine
Whether you are in a loving partnership or on your own, deepening your ability to love yourself will bring you more joy, peace and contentment. How will you treat your favorite Valentine today? Nurture yourself in a way that is unusual for you. Join Suze for ways of re-patterning those tapes that get in the way of you loving yourself.

 February 7, 2013: What about those New Year’s Resolutions?
You really want to make a change – but here we are in February and you may have found those resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Listen in as Suze supports callers in re-patterning old beliefs that cause the self-sabotaging behavior. Get yourself back on track!

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