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Leon Nacson
Interpreting Dreams
Leon Nacson
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  We all dream each and every night and at some point each of us has wondered, What did that mean? Join Leon Nacson, the author of nine books and one of the pioneers of the self-help movement in Australia, as he gives each of you the opportunity to decode your dreams in a way that assists you in making positive choices to their waking life. Plus, ongoing special guest Yasmin Boland (www.moonology.com) chimes in with insights and intuitive guidance. Call in with your questions and let Leon and Yasmin guide you in understanding how your dreams speak to you, and what message they have for you right now.  

March 31, 2009: Jokers and Pranksters
April Fool’s Day is just around the corner! While you may have some pranks planned for friends and family, what does it mean when you dream of trickery? Whether you’re the target of the joke or the prankster, Leon and Lucy fill you in on your dreams.

 March 24, 2009: Tanning
We’d all love a little more color and to have a fabulous, glowing tan. What does it mean when you’re tanning in your dreams? Join Leon and Yasmin to find out why you never get burnt when you dream of tanning!

 February 10, 2009: Balding
Does balding in your dreams foretell future hair loss in reality? Or, could it be that you’re just paranoid? Join Leon as he explains the meaning behind this annoying dream. And Yasmin gives you an astrological insight.

 February 3, 2009: Special Guest Eckhart Tolle
Learn how to embrace the power of each moment with internationally acclaimed author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Leon talks with Eckhart about finding fulfillment and peace. Hear Eckhart tell you about a profound dream he had several years ago that foretold his future as an author.

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Watch the trailer at www.HealYourLifeMovie.com. Features clips of Louise and Leon!
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